Find Relief with an Orthopedic Back Brace

Whether you have insurance or no insurance, you can get relief from chronic back pain with a back brace.

Find the Best Option for You

One of our qualified brace consultants can help you get a back brace, whether you have Medicare, private insurance or no insurance.

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    An orthopedic back brace includes plastic panels that provide the stability you need to avoid further injury.


    Easily adjust the level of compression with the straps, creating space between the vertebrae to ease pain from conditions like a bulging or herniated disc


    Find relief from your chronic back pain caused by conditions such as sciatica or degenerative disc disease

    Our Services

    We care about our patients. We can help you get an orthopedic back brace through your medical insurance – whether Medicare or private insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, etc. Once we have verified your insurance benefits, we will send an orthopedic back brace to your home at little or no cost to you. We will handle the paperwork for you.

    Or perhaps you need a support for your back but do not currently have insurance coverage. We would still like to help you. Please contact us for details. Shipping is free.



    An orthopedic back brace will help improve your mobility to that you can get through the day and accomplish your goals. If you live with chronic pain caused by a medical condition, this is another possible option for relief – an alternative to pain medication.


    Possible Conditions

    Some possible reasons to use an orthopedic back brace are osteoarthritis, bulging or herniated vertebral disc, degenerative disc disease, post-operative stabilization, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spondylolysis, etc.


    Brace Features

    The brace features anterior and posterior panels to stabilize, along with a dynamic mechanical closure system which allows high compression that relieves many maladies of the back and spine with very little effort. The LSO Back Brace is a streamlined, breathable orthotic that wicks-away perspiration while providing unparalleled support and comfort.

    Covered By Insurance

    If you are suffering from chronic back pain caused by a medical condition, an orthopedic back brace may be a covered benefit through your Medicare or private insurance plan with companies such as Aetna, Humana, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

    Who Might Qualify

    If you live in the United States and have chronic back pain caused by a medical condition such as those mentioned under Possible Conditions or others, you might be entitled to an orthopedic back brace covered by your insurance at little or no cost to you. Or if you need to get a back brace without insurance coverage, we have options available for you.


    What If You Do Not Have Insurance Coverage?

    We have options available for you. Please fill out the form for more a free, no strings attached consultation with one of our brace consultants. You may choose to purchase the orthopedic back brace that is offered to insurance patients or you may prefer a more economical alternative.

    Your Prescription

    You may already have a prescription for an orthopedic back brace. Or maybe you have tried to deal with your chronic back pain with over the counter medications or ice packs and are ready to find relief with an orthopedic back brace. We can help you with the process of requesting your prescription with your doctor so that you can feel the stability and relief of an orthopedic back brace soon.

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