MEDSMART USA is a CMS Approved Contract Supplier of Off-the-Shelf Back and Knee Braces

MEDSMART USA is a CMS Approved Contract Supplier of Off-the-Shelf Back and Knee Braces

Medical Brace Supply: Back Brace

Back Brace

Our orthopedic back braces are made of high quality materials – solid rigid components and breathable textiles. The back brace you will receive will depend on your particular condition, needs, and prescription.

Some possible options include a front opening model with adjustable sizing or a bivalve (two piece) back brace that offers maximum stability.

Single Opening Orthopedic Back Brace

The single opening back brace features an adjustable band that allows you to adjust the fit perfectly to your frame. The back panel offers support and stability and two side panels will keep you stabilized. The drawstring strap system allows you to achieve the compression you desire easily and quickly. The back brace is both comfortable and sturdy – ideal for daily use.

Bivalve (Two Piece) Orthopedic Back Brace

The bivalve back brace consists of two pieces that connect with straps which can be tightened to your desired compression level. The brace features front and back panels that offer firm stabilization, while the padding ensures consistent comfort and breathability.


Who Needs an Orthopedic Back Brace?

Put simply, anyone who is unable to carry out their daily activities or perform tasks they used to be able to perform due to decreased mobility in their back. Some activities that an orthopedic back brace might make possible again include gardening – your spine will be stabilized as you bend, reach, and pull; golfing – a back brace keeps your trunk stable as you twist from the hips; and many other tasks that you might be hesitant to perform because of discomfort or concern that you might put your back out.

Some conditions that may be present when someone receives a back brace include arthritis, a bulging or herniated disc, chronic instability of the spine, or sciatica, among others. The combination of stabilization and compression provide support and relief.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Orthopedic Back Brace If I Qualify?

The processing time varies according to the response time for your prescription. Once your order is processed, we promptly ship your orthopedic back brace directly to your home. Shipping is free.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Orthopedic Back Brace?

An orthopedic back brace can make it easier to get through the day by providing support and stability to a part of the body that participates in almost every movement we make – the back. By improving your mobility, you can improve your quality of life…do the things that you may not be able to do now because of your back issues. An orthopedic back brace is an alternative to using pain medication since the combination of stability and compression will provide relief from issues like a bulging or herniated disc and other conditions. This is also a useful device to avoid further injury when participating in hobbies such as gardening, golfing and other sports.

What If I Do Not Have Medicare or Private Insurance?

Many of our patients receive back braces covered by Medicare or other commercial insurance coverage such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana or United Healthcare at little to no cost to the patient. However, if you do not have insurance, or prefer to purchase a back brace without using your insurance plan, we can still help you. Please call our brace consultants who can advise you of our cash pay options for braces, including those of the type covered by insurance as well as other options that we offer at retail without the need for a prescription.

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