MEDSMART USA is a CMS Approved Contract Supplier of Off-the-Shelf Back and Knee Braces

MEDSMART USA is a CMS Approved Contract Supplier of Off-the-Shelf Back and Knee Braces

CAM Walker

Proglide CAM (Controlled Ankle Motion)

Proglide CAM (Controlled Ankle Motion) walkers are designed to prevent or limit ankle and foot movement after a serious sprain, injury, surgery or to stabilize the foot or ankle fractures.  The revolutionary semi-rigid construction offers maximum support and comfort.


  • • Universal Design for Right or Left Foot
  • • Comfortable foam liner wicks away moisture and provides Easy donning and doffing
  • • Steam lined, Lightweight construction Circumferential plastic cuff gives maximum stability and comfort
  • • Dense foam lining within the sole to provide comfort and support
  • • Large air bladder creates a large surface for contact pressure to help control swelling and ensure a snug fit
  • • Shock absorbing sole to improve comfort and protects the user from slips
  • • Rocker bottom to simulate natural gait

To Control Air Pressure:

  • • To put air inside the boot, turn the valve clockwise until secure then squeeze the grey bulb until you feel adequate pressure

  • • To remove air from the boot, simply turn the valve counterclockwise


  • 1.- To Put on the Pneumatic Clamshell on Circ Walker

  • 2.- Open the boot liner without removing it from the boot.

  • 3.- Place the boot flat on the floor and put the foot inside the boot. Make sure the heel is all the way to the back of the boot.

  • 4.- Secure the lining to the leg by overlapping the liner on the top of the foot and at the front of the lower leg.

  • 5.- Secure the Velcro straps beginning with the straps closest to the toes

Typical Indications:

  • • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • • Grade 2 and 3 Sprains

  • • Stable Fractures and Post-operative Stabilization

  • • Helps to Reduce Pain, Swelling and Edema of Foot and Ankle
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